standing still on the threshold between past and future in the mind of Flusser
entangled on the map of traces
lines hold me upright

Flusser Archive
Berlin, 2022

Body gestures find themselves in a constant journey backwards and forwards between sounds, the intangible manifestation of time, distanced in moments and months.
Certain minutes from specific points in the past months have found its tangibility in the maps, beyond the numeral description of length. The maps were attempts towards documentations of time passed through the gesture of drawing sounds with pen on paper while being temporarily absent from the perception of the rest.
Could those minutes be relived by reenactment through body moving in space? Could the boundary of subjectivity inherent in time perception be crossed through complete presence of full concentration in the singularity of gesture? Could the extreme subjectivity turn into complete objectivity? As Flusser described in Gestures, the complete renunciation of reason and the unconditional surrender in the gesture constitutes the pure and ritualistic aspects of gesture. I tried to approach these questions with my body.
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