14 October, 19.30
a grid deconstructed into a star map 
a body shaped
figures in celestial coordinates
light resisting time
installation and performance
Studio Alta, Prague

Circle, the perfect form, has no beginning no end, no left no right, no before no after. An infinite loop locked in time. Manifestation would, inherently, cause certain imperfection, deviating from the perfect origin, both in the creation of star constellation and human body, from a black hole and a cell; despite the fact that a single body is smaller than a piece of floating dust in the universe. 

A journey on a night train towards the irreversible destruction of perfection, embodying the transformation processes in the formation of the galaxy and body on different scales. 
Yet darkness has a memory, they say. Once shone upon, even the dust has memory, of the light from yesterday. 
As if a train in the night, through the darkness and lights. Projections and protections, mirage and mirrors. The appearance of objects.
As one electron fell out of its original trajectory, a small explosion out of the original perfection, a sparkle of light emerges out of the darkness, which has no boundaries. The limbs grow out of the core in the fetus. The trivial fragment humanity starts to take form, out of an inevitable error, floating forever in the universe, non-stop. Circle is the perfect form, the most effortless movement trajectory. With zero friction. A clock with no sounds. Keeping time and keeping up with time. 
A person turning around in a pool of light, shimmering on the ground. Circle is the form drawn on the ground. An invisible umbilical cord bonding to the centre, keeping the stability. Verticality is Supported by millions of layers of darkness behind. Coming and becoming into different shapes, rhythms, velocities, vibrations. Pieces of hints, gates to memory and memories.
A journey with no beginning and end. Where shall I start, where shall I stand, where shall I end. I started off in one direction. 
Trapped in the repetition without end and without ending. Into the bottom of eternity. A frozen piece of ice in the melting process. No turning back. 
The memories tend to get blurry in the night
When a light overlaps with another
A shadow casting over another
Light is a tricky tracer
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