31/05/2021 16.00 - 16.20
45.344458, 12.329082  
Lido Venice
The performance is made in order to commemorate a young friend, who disappeared in a fire recently. In the performance, I planted a tree in the middle of the sea, which was found washed up on the beach. After falling down several times, the tree stood in the water, while I disappeared in the sea.
I was inspired by the floating objects above the sea, which interrupt the horizon line and stand as testimony of the fragile human existence in nature. 
I tried to create a real-life situation that could generate empathy naturally, and use natural limit between water and sand to define the stage. I took the audience onto an uncertain journey, by taking risks together, since I wasn’t sure if and when the tree would be planted, which created an intimacy between audiences in a vast surrounding.
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